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Recommended Supplier: Vape World [Pax / Firefly] (No Fakes + Lowest Price)

It’s time for another one of my ‘side by side’ comparisons and today I’m going to be looking at and comparing two of the most popular portable vaporizers on market: the Pax and the Firefly.

And in today’s ‘Ploom Pax VS Firefly Vaporizer’ showdown I’ll be comparing and judging these two devices on the following criteria: design, ease of use and vape quality.

Plus I’ll be letting you know overall which device I believe to be the better choice as well as hopefully give you a better idea of which is right for you!


On first impressions the design of both of these designs both seem well produced and high quality.

The packaging for both devices is glossy and modern and they also both come with a really useful set of instructions that comes complete with diagrams and no broken English.

In terms of the design of the actual vaporizers themselves they also both look very modern and cool but they definitely differ a bit in the ‘size’ department.

The Pax is definitely the lighter and more portable of the two and it’s really the kind of vape you could just chuck in your pocket and take with you anywhere.

Ploom Pax At Beach

The Firefly on the other hand is quite a bit larger and heavier too.

It’s by no means ‘huge’ or anything and can still easily be fit in your pockets – it just might weigh you down a little.

However one area where the Firefly seems to overshadow the Pax in terms of design is with the quality of it’s materials.

Firefly Vaporizer

It just feels like it really is built out of extremely high quality materials and as if it’s tough and would be able to take a bit of damage too without breaking.

It’s hard to pick a winner in terms of ‘design’ however because I think that they both have great designs but it just depends on what you are looking for. If you’re looking for a design that is super small and portable than the Pax is the way to go. Or if you’re looking for sheer quality and don’t mind a bit of extra weight then the Firefly is probably your best option.

So overall I’m going to call the ‘design’ round a tie.

Ease Of Use…

First lets start with the Pax.

The Pax is probably one of the easiest and simplest vaporirzers to use that I’ve ever come across. Seriously – it’s basically dummy proof.

You just pop open the chamber, fill ‘er up, pop out the mouthpiece to turn the vape on and then wait for it to heat up and then BOOM – you’re vaping!

With the Firefly you don’t need to be a rocket scientist or anything to use it succesfully either however it does have a couple of extra steps with the main one being that you will need to hold down the ‘heating’ button for 10 seconds to ‘pre-heat’ it before you then can press it again to vape.

Furthermore I feel as though the Firefly does take a few more goes to master the technique where as with the Pax you could easily take it to a party or friends house and share it with a bunch of novice vapers without really having to explain anything to them in terms of how to use the device.

And so for this reason I’m calling the winner of the ‘ease of use’ round: The Pax.

Vape Quality…

The vape quality that I get with the Pax is definitely nice, tasty and consistant. That’s for sure.

However in terms of ‘vape quality’ alone the Firefly is nothing short of amazing and I really do feel like this is the area where the Firefly outshines the Pax.

With the Pax you may occasionally get a bit of a rougher taste however with the Firefly the hits are just so damn smooth and clean each and every time that in terms of ‘vape quality’ there isn’t really much competition between these devices.

Part of the reason that I’m guessing the Firefly tastes so good is that the path in which the vapor travels through is all stainless steel so your vapor never touches any plastic or anything like that.

So it probably comes as no surprise that I’m going to declare the winner of the ‘vape quality’ round: the Firefly.

Ploom Pax VS Firefly Vape


This is one of the more tough ‘comparisons’ that I’ve done when it comes to picking a winner.

These devices really are both awesome portable vapes but just for different reasons.

If you’re biggest concern is stealth, portability and getting a vape that’s incredibly lightweight then you simply cannot beat the Pax.

If you’re big thing is all about vape quality though then I reckon you are going to really dig the Firefly.

Overall though there can only be one winner and I think I’m going to have to give it to the Pax… just.

Reason being is that the ‘Firefly’ is more something I would probably vape at home… and honestly if I’m going to vape at home then I would probably just wind up using my Volcano Vaporizer (simply because it is my favorite all time vaporizer).

However the Pax offers me something that I can’t get with my Volcano which is a seriously lightweight and portable vape that means that I never have to worry about prying eyes.

Winner: The Pax… (just!)

Recommended Supplier: Vape World [Pax / Firefly] (No Fakes + Lowest Price)

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