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Recommended Supplier: Vape World [Pax / MFLB] (No Fakes + Lowest Price)

Of all of the portable vaporizers that are other there both the Pax and the Magic Flight Launch Box are the two that I seem to get asked the most questions about time and time again.

And I can understand why too – these are both exceptionally great portables and there’s a lot to love about both of them.

However there are definitely some distinct differences between the two and today I’m going to judge and compare the two in my side by Magic Flight Launch Box vs Pax vaporizer showdown!


Right away you’ll notice that both the MFLB and the Pax seem to be nicely packaged and well designed.

Their packaging is slick, their instruction booklets are well done and include useful diagrams and the devices themselves are both extremely small and extremely lightweight.

However in terms of aesthetics they differ quite a bit.

The Pax vape has a modern and slick look to it that definitely reminds me on an MP3 player:

Pax Ploom Vaporizer

And the Magic Flight Launch box is made of wood and has a great ‘natural’ feel to it. It’s the only vaporizer that I’ve used that’s made of wood and it definitely is quite interesting to look at and hold:

Filling The MFLB

Of the two devices the Magic Flight Launch box vaporizer is actually the smaller and lighter of the two. However in terms of sheer stealth I still feel like the Pax is the ‘stealthier’ of the two since the flight box does look so unique that it’s much more likely to ignite somebody’s curiosity where as the Pax just looks so damn plain and innocent.

And so for this reason I’m going to have to give the design round to the Pax.

Round One Winner: The Pax!

Ease Of Use…

One of my favorite things about the Pax vape is just how easy it is to use. It’s basically idiot proof.

Even a vaping beginner can pick up the Pax and start to get great tasting hits from from the get go.

With the Magic flight Launch box it does take a little bit longer to get the technique right. It’s not rocket science or anything but newbies definitely seem to pick up the Pax faster than they do the MFLB.

Another area where I feel that the Pax excels over the MFLB in terms of is ‘ease of use’ is with the batteries. With the Magic Flight Launch Box you get a couple of AA sized batteries and each battery will last you a few trench refills. If you take a lot of batteries with you then it can last you for quite a while but it still is a bit more hassle having to carry around that many additional batteries and to have to change them so regularly.

However there is one area where I feel like the MFLB is easier and that’s with the cleaning and maintenance. With the Pax it just seems like you really do have to clean your device after every few uses or else it will stop working nearly as well.

Cleaning the Pax is easy but you do have to do it more than most vaporizers so it’s something to keep in mind.

However despite this I still feel that overall the Pax is the easier device to use.

So for this reason I’m declaring the winner of the ‘ease of use’ round the Pax.

Round Two Winner: The Pax!


Vape Quality…

As far as vape quality goes both of these devices give off a really good tasting vape especially when you consider that they are portables and also two of the cheapest portable vaporizers that are on the market today.

In fact I’d probably say that in terms of vape quality they are about equal. However as I touched on before with the Pax you barely have to do anything to get this great vape quality where as with the MFLB there is a little bit of a learning curve to getting those great hits.

And so because of this I’m going to have to once again give the ‘vape quality’ round to the Pax.

Round Three Winner: The Pax!

Pax And MFLB Side By Side

MFLB vs. Pax: The Verdict…

Both of these really are very cool vapes but if I’m honest since I’ve gotten my Pax I just haven’t been using my MFLB quite as much.

The Pax s just so convenient, portable and stealthy that I find myself reaching for it often when I want a portable vape.

The MFLB is definitely a great vape especially if you are on a tight budget since it’s one of the cheapest portables on the market. But if you do have a bit more to spend and are looking for something that’s both easier to use and stealthy as hell then you really can’t go wrong with the Pax.

And so it probably comes as no real surprise that I’m going to declare the ultimate winner of the ‘Pax vs MFLB’ showdown… the Pax.

Winner: The Pax!


Recommended Supplier: Vape World [Pax / MFLB] (No Fakes + Lowest Price)
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