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Recommended Supplier: Vape World [Volcano / Extreme Q] (No Fakes + Lowest Price)

The Volcano Vaporizer is well known as being one of the best vaporizers that money can buy and in a recent review of the device I even went as far as to give it a perfect vape rating of TEN out of TEN.

However the Extreme Q vaporizer on the other hand is absolutely PACKED with features and can be bought for less than HALF the cost of a Volcano.

So which one should you get? Well here’s my side by side comparison!

First Impressions…

On first impressions I was pretty impressed with both devices.

The Volcano looks and feels tough, durable and like it’s built to last. It also has this really cool slick and modern look to it that I like and aesthetically I think it’s a really impressive device.

Switching On

The Extreme Q on the other hand is also really nice looking and it also feels well built and it’s a lot smaller and lighter than the Volcano.

Arizer Extreme Q Review

I do think that the control buttons that are on the front of the Extreme Q do feel a little but ‘cheaper’ than the Volcano but that is to be expected considering the price difference.

In terms of first impressions I’m definitely going to have to give this one to the Volcano.

Round One Winner: The Volcano!


One of the best things about the Extreme Q vaporizer is that it comes packed with an absolutely insane amount of features that you wouldn’t find in most other vaporizers and this is one area where the Extreme Q REALLY shines through.

For example unlike the Volcano Vaporizer which can only be used for balloon vaping the Extreme Q can be used for both balloon AND whip vaping:

Extreme Q Whip And Balloon Vaping

And on top of that the Extreme Q comes with a tonne of other cool features that the Volcano does not such as a remote control and a LCD display screen.

And so in terms of sheer features it just feels that absolutely nothing has omitted from the device. And I highly doubt you’d find a more feature packed vape that’s within this price range. In face I’d be surprised if you found a vaporizer with this many features in any price range really.

And for that reason I’m have to give this one to the Extreme Q.

Round Two Winner: The Extreme Q!

Easy Of Use…

Both of these devices are really pretty easy to use and they don’t take very long to get familiar with.

I would have to say however that the Volcano seems to be easier and bit more ‘fail proof’. The Volcano is just designed in such a way that it’s almost impossible to lose or waste any herb whilst vaping it.

One example of this is how the Volcano incorporates a clever ‘locking valve’ system inside of their bags so that even when it’s not in use your herb cannot escape. With the Extreme Q on the other hand you will have to keep your finger over the hole at the end of the balloon to stop the vape from escaping.

And for these reasons I’m going to declare the Volcano the winner of the the ease of use category.

Round Three Winner: The Volcano!

Vape Quality…

Although I really like the vape that I get off of my Extreme Q… I LOVE the vape that I get off my Volcano.

Not only is this the best tasting ‘balloon vape’ that I’ve ever tried but it’s the best vaporizer that I’ve ever tasted PERIOD.

And I find that the Volcano Vaporizer really is one of those products where you ‘get what you pay for’ when it comes to vape quality.

And for that reason I’m going to have to declare the winner of the vape quality round the Volcano!

Round Four Winner: The Volcano!

Volcano VS Extreme Q: The Verict…

First let me start by saying that these really are BOTH great devices and honestly they BOTH consistently produce a really clean and great tasing vape.

Extreme Q & Volcano Vaporizer

But ultimately what I’d recommend is this:

If you are looking to get the most ‘bang for your buck’ and want a feature rich vaporizer with a really affordable price tag then go with the Extreme Q. It’s packed with features and accessories and gives you the freedom to vape in any way that you want to.

Or if you are looking for a ‘high end’ vape and want the best vaping experience that money can buy then pick up a Volcano. This thing gives off one of the cleanest and best tasting vapes that I’ve ever tried and it really is in a league of it’s own.

And overall I’m declaring the Volcano the overall winner of this showdown!

Overall Winner: The Volcano!

Cheapest Place To Buy Volcano And Extreme Q Vapes…

These guys are my ‘go to’ vaporizer store for guaranteed authentic devices AND lowest prices anywhere:

Recommended Supplier: Vape World [Volcano / Extreme Q] (No Fakes + Lowest Price)


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