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Recommended Supplier: Vape World [Ascent / Pax] (No Fakes + Lowest Price)

Today I thought I’d take a look at at and compare two of the most popular portable vapes that are currently on the market: the DaVinci Ascent and the Pax by Ploom.

Both of these vaporizers I have previously reviewed in the past and both I gave extremely favorable reviews to because I honestly do think these are both kick ass vaporizers in their own rights.

There are however some core differences though which I’ll cover and go over in this DaVinci Ascent vs Pax By Ploom vaporizer showdown.

I’ll be comparing and judging the two devices on the following criteria: design, features, ease of use and vape quality.

Pax And Davinci Ascent


The thing I really like about the design of the Pax is that it’s one of the most portable and discreet vaporizer designs making it the best stealth vaporizer on the market hands down. It’s just so small and lightweight that it makes it extremely portable and it just looks so innocent and unassuming that I’m betting nobody would ever pick this as being a vaporizer… unless perhaps they owned one themselves.

The DaVinci Ascent on the other hand is definitely quite a bit larger and heavier than the pax. However it’s still an extremely portable vaporizer and it’s not super heavy or anything – it’s just not quite as small as the Pax.

The thing I really like about the design of the DaVinci though is how high quality it just feels. The device just has this really ‘high end’ and polished feel to it and the materials that the device is made out of feel a bit higher quality than the Pax which is made out of some kind of aluminium.

However ultimately I couldn’t decide between the tie for ‘design’ so I decided to call this round a tie.


The Pax is pretty low on features. It’s got just three heat settings and just one button which in a way is what’s nice about it as it makes it super simple to use but in terms of sheer ‘features’ alone it doesn’t have a whole lot beyond the basic essentials.

The DaVinci Ascent on the other hand does have a few more features including things like a digital display screen and the ability to set it to your exact temperature (where as with the Pax you only have low, medium and high).

And another thing I really love about the DaVinci though is it’s crazy long battery life giving you around 2 hours of vaping time where as with the Pax you’ll get around half that off a full charge.

The Ascent can even be used and vaped from whilst it’s being charged which is cool where as the Pax can’t be used and charged at the same time.

So ultimately I had to give the features round to the Davinci Ascent.

Portable Vaporizer Comparison

Ease Of Use…

Although the Ascent might be the king of features the Pax definitely stands out in terms of ease of use.

It’s just so damn simple and easy to use and it doesn’t matter whether you are a vaping veteran or a complete novice and you’ll have no toubles getting a great hit right from the get go.

Don’t get me wrong – the Ascent is by no means difficult to use… but the Pax is just designed in such an intuitive and ‘plug and play’ kind of way that I have to give the ‘Ease Of Use’ round to the Pax.

Vape Quality…

When it comes to vape quality the Pax is definitely gives a really nice and satisfying hit but in this department I think that the Ascent has the edge.

It’s all glass tubing where the vapor travels through probably helps so that the vapor is never touching plastic or anything like that.

But whatever the reason it’s just a smoother and better quality vapor in my experience.

And therefore I had to give the Vape Quality round to the Ascent.

Ascent VS Pax

Overall Winner…

I honestly really like both of these devices but just for very different reasons.

With the Pax I love it because it’s by far the most stealthy and portable vaporizer that I’ve ever come across. I mentioned in my review of the Pax a while back that I think this thing is the ‘king of stealth’ and I still believe this to be true.

This makes the Pax perfect for parties and perfect for sharing and basically whenever I’m looking for something compact and stealthy I grab my Pax.

With the Davinci Ascent though I love it for the quality of it. Both in terms of the design and materials of the device itself but also for the extremely high quality vapor that you get off of this vape.

It also can’t be beaten for it’s insanely long battery life and the Ascent vape is the one I’ll use if I don’t plan on sharing or if I want something that’s going to last me a bit longer.

But overall although it’s a tough one to call – I’m going to declare the winner of this showdown the Ascent.

It’s just such a well built vaporizer and the vapes that you get off it are so damn yum!

Recommended Supplier: Vape World [Ascent / Pax] (No Fakes + Lowest Price)


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