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In today’s ‘side by side’ comparison I’m going to be looking at and comparing two popular portable vapes: the Arizer Solo and the DaVinci Ascent.

Both are well known for their vapor quality but each does have their own pros and cons and in this video I’ll be letting you know all about them.

Basically I’ll be judging these devices on four different criteria: design, features, ease of use and vape quality.


With the Solo I have to say I wasn’t all that impressed with the design on first impressions.

The packaging is fairly plain, the accessories are minimal and the device itself looks fairly ordinary when I compare it to some of the super stylish vaporizers that I’ve been using and reviewing lately.

The DaVinci Ascent on the other hand looks a lot more slick and well packaged and I have to say that aesthetically this is definitely the better looking of the two devices.

The Ascent is also quite a deal lighter than the Solo and is a lot more portable and stealthy. It makes for a great pocket vaporizer however the Solo is a bit too big to keep in your pocket.

And because of the Ascents sheer style, portability and stealth I’m going to have to give the Design round to the DaVinci Ascent.

Winner: DaVinci Ascent

Arizer Solo vs. DaVinci Ascent


The Arizer Solo vape comes with all of the features you’d need and expect from a vape to get a great vaping experience.

The Solo vaporizer includes features like:

  • Two inhalation tubes (a curved tube and a straight tube).
  • Seven different heat levels.
  • A long 2+ hour battery life.
  • Can be charged and vaped at the same time.

However in terms of features that’s about where it ends for the Solo and to be honest I think that the designers were more going for simplicity than for something with a tonne of features.

With the Ascent on the other hand you’ve got all of these same features that the Ascent has but it also comes with a few other cool additional features too.

The Ascent has extra features like:

  • A digital display screen on the front (that shows you things like your battery levels and heating temperature).
  • The ability to set it to your exact temperature (with the Solo you can only choose between seven heat levels).
  • A retractable glass mouth piece.
  • Advanced features (like the ability to program the device as well as an auto shut off timer).

I don’t really use the advanced features a lot myself but it’s nice to know they are there.

And in terms of features I’m going to have to declare the winner: the DaVinci Ascent.

Winner: DaVinci Ascent

DaVinci And Arizer Vapes

Ease Of Use…

One thing that I really like and appreciate about both of these devices is that they are both super easy and straight forward to use.

I really love devices that don’t take a tonne of effort to get working correctly and that are extremely ‘plug and play’ and both of these devices definitely fit that description.

However I do feel like some of the more advanced features will take a little longer to use on the Ascent and I think that overall in terms of ease of use that Ascent does have the edge.

And for that reason I’m going to declare the winner of the ‘ease of use’ round’: the Solo.

Winner: Arizer Solo.

Vape Quality…

Last but definitely not least is vape quality and honestly this is probably the most difficult thing to compare these devices on because they both are stellar in terms of vape quality.

They both have all an all glass tubing that take the vape to your lungs and these really are two of the best portable vaporizers in terms of vape quality.

However once again I do think that the Solo has the (slight) edge in terms of vape quality too because the quality on this one is just phenomenal.

It really is one of the smoothest and best tasting portables that I’ve used to dates and what’s even better is it’s just consistently good every single time.

And for this reason I’m going to declare the winner of the vape quality round the Solo.

Winner: Arizer Solo.


Neither of these are ‘sucky’ vaporizers – that’s for sure.

I think that the Solo is great for an ‘at home’ portable vape but it’s not great for stealth and it can’t fit in your pocket.

The DaVinci on the other hand is a great pocket vape and is more suitable for taking to a party for example or sharing with friends.

The Solo also excels in it’s simplicity and ease of use whilst the DaVinci Ascent excels in it’s features and customization allowing you to do things like set it to your exact vaping temperature.

However over I think I’m going to have to declare the overall winner: the Arizer Solo vaporizer.

It might not be the ‘prettiest’ device but holy crap is the vape quality is amazing and it’s basically impossible to get a bit hit off this device.

Winner: Arizer Solo.

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