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Recommended CRAFTY Supplier: Vape World (100% Authentic + No Fakes + Lowest Price)
Recommended Pax 2 Supplier: Pax Vapor (Official Store + 10 Year Warranty)

Since I initially reviewed both the Pax 2 and the CRAFTY a little while ago I’ve found myself getting a tonne of questions about both of these devices from would-be buyers wanting to know more about the differences between these two devices.

And it’s no surprise really as these really are two of the best portable vaporizers on the market right now and in my review of each I gave them both a glowing review because they really both are really cool portables each in their own way.

But there’s also some key differences that you are going to want to know about when deciding between these two vaporizers – so today I’ve decided to put together the ultimate and definitive side-by-side ‘Pax 2 vs CRAFTY’ vaporizer comparison to try to help you to better decide on which one may just be the vape for you.

And as I like to do in all of my side by side comparisons what I’ll be doing is comparing and judging these two vapes on four different criteria which are: design, features, ease of use and of course – vape quality!

Pax 2 And Crafty Side By Side


So lets start by taking an up close up look at each vape.

The packaging on the Pax 2 vape is clean, white and resembles an Apple style device and the vape itself too looks very much like what you’d imagine a vaporizer to look like if Apple were to ever get into the vaporizer game:

Pax 2

They’re really cool to look at and come in a variety of bright and vibrant colors and they’re also incredibly lightweight and stealthy weighing in at just 92 grams making it easily one of the lightest and most discreet vaporizers that you’ll ever come across.

What’s more is they look so innocent more like an MP3 player or some kind of other tech gizmo then they do a an actual vaporizer and I’m guessing the only people that would ever pick this as being a vape would be other people who also own a Pax 2.

Pax 2 New Charger

I can see a LOT of people being attracted to the Pax for it’s slick design alone. It just looks super sexy and stylish and there’s no denying that it’s one of the most discreet vapes on the on the market.

The Crafty on the other hand looks a little more industrial and plain looking. It’s a bit bigger in size too and unlike the Pax which is made out of aluminum the Crafty is made out of plastic. And to be honest I can see a lot of people being not quite as attracted to the design of the Crafty compared to the Pax just based off first impressions because it doesn’t look quite as striking or sleek at first glance.

Outdoor Vaping With The Crafty

However that being said despite what it might look like this thing is actually extremely well built and put together and although it’s made out of plastic when you hold it in your hands and really get to feel how all of these pieces fit and lock in together you can just tell right away that the craftsmanship on these vapes is second to none.

Though that isn’t really a surprise me considering that this vape is made by the same guys who makes the Volcano and the Plenty vaporizer which are also two of the best desktop vaporizers on the scene.


The Crafty is probably about double the size of the Pax 2 but it’s still very much so on the smaller size in terms of portable vaporizers and it’s really easy to fit in your pockets or in any small compartment and it also has a really great shape to it too that just fits naturally in your hands.

And so although the Crafty might not look as sexy and as slick as the Pax 2 on the first glance I do find the device to be overall more sturdier and have a better build quality overall and at the end of the day that’s what’s most important to me so for that reason I’m going to call the Crafty the winner in terms of design.

Winner: Crafty


So next lets compare some of the features between these two devices .

The herb chamber capacity on both vapes is around about the same allowing you to store around .3 grams of herb. They both work well really well when the chamber is packed pretty full however with the Pax 2 it’s not quite as suited for smaller sessions as the Crafty is which is really great for vaping both big and smaller sessions.

Another difference you’ll find is with changing the temperatures. With the original Pax we had the choice between three heat settings (low, medium and high) and then with the Pax 2 this was then extended to four different heat options. Alternating between the different heat settings is easy and just requires you to press down the main button for a second or two whilst the device is on from where you’ll then be able to change the temperatures by simply tapping the button to cycle through the four different heat settings.

With the Crafty though we definitely get more control over our temperature because although the device has just one button which will alternate between just two temperature levels – the regular level and higher temperature which they call boost mode – with the Crafty we can actually custom tailor these temperatures to the exact level that we want by using the free Crafty app that you can download for your phone which works on both modern Android phones and iPhones too.

Crafty Vape

The app is super straight forward and easy to use and as well as allowing us to customize our temperature we can also use it to set a bunch of features such as turning the LED lights on and off and we can even check out long we’ve been vaping on the Crafty to date.

One feature that both the Crafty and the Pax 2 include that I’m big fan of is that they’ll automatically shut themselves off when they aren’t in use after a minute or two helping you to converse battery life and herb.

However the Crafty also has one more feature which helps for conserving herb which the Pax 2 does not which is a vibration feature where the vape will let out two short but sharp vibrations once your vape has reached its desired temperature which stops you from turning your vape on and getting distracted only to forget about it and come back to it 10 minutes later having wasted herb.

One area though where the Pax 2 does win out by a long shot in terms of features is with it’s extremely long battery life which is actually around twice the size of that of the Crafty. With the crafty you can expect about 45 minutes of consecutive vaping time where as with the Crafty you will get around 1 hour and a half of vaping time.

But that being said the Crafty wins in terms of being able to be vaped and charged at the same time. It will have to be at around 20% complicity before you will be able to do this but this is definitely better than the Pax 2 which cannot be charged and used at the same time at all.

And so although the Pax 2 does win out on battery life I’m still going to have to give the features round to the Crafty just because it does excel in so many other areas.

Winner: Crafty

Ease Of Use…

So the ‘ease of use’ is one area where I really feel like both of these devices excel quite well in.

They’re both designed to be stupidly simple and have a really great minimal style to them. In fact they both only really have one main button to control everything.

Pax 2 And CRAFTY

With the Pax 2 it’s the button at the top. We tap it down quickly to turn it on. And then we can hold it down for a little longer to access the temperature change menu where we can just continue to tap the button to alternate through the four different heat serttings. Then we can hold the button down for a second again to go back to the regular mode and simply wait for it to turn green which means that it’s ready to be vaped from.

With the Crafty it’s the button on the side. Simply hold it down for a couple of seconds to turn it on and then you can hold it down for another couple of seconds to access the ‘higher temperature’ mode which is also known as boost mode. And then once again we just wait and when the device turns green it means that we’re good to go. So just swivel out the mouth piece and hit.

Honestly in terms of ease of use these are both pretty much as easy as they get so for the ease of use round I’m going to have to call it a tie.

Winner: Tie

Vape Quality…

So last but definitely not least is vape quality.

And I’ll start the Pax. You definitely get a good and satisfying flavor from the Pax 2 that’s for sure. It can be a little bit on the hot side sometimes but overall there really isn’t much to complain about.

But I have to day in terms of vape quality the Crafty just kicks it in the ass because simply put this is the best tasting portable that I’ve tried to date and it’s probably my favorite thing about the Crafty.

It’s just so incredibly smooth and full of delicious herby flavour.

Outdoor Portable Vapes

What’s also insane with the Crafty is just how effortless it is to get this incredible flavor. The very first hit I took out of this I had to do a double take and found myself going ‘wow’.

What’s more is the vapor clouds are absolutely enormous out of this thing. I just get clouds for days and days and days.

And so in terms of vape quality whilst the Pax 2 is nice the Crafty is a total slam dunk and definitely wins this round.

Winner: Crafty

Crafty VS Pax 2: The Verdict…

At the end of the day these are both very cool portables and which one you get will just depend on your budget and what you’re looking for.

In terms of stealth, portability and just sheer style I think the Pax 2 definitely can’t be beaten. Plus with a price tag that’s about $70 below the Crafty it also makes it a great option for those that are on a bit of a budget. Furthermore it does have that bigger battery life than the crafty so if a big battery life, stealth and price are all important to you then definitely pick yourself up a Pax 2 because you will not be disappointed.

However if the price tag doesn’t bother you, battery life isn’t your main concern and what you just really want is the best tasting vapor that money can buy in a portable then definitely grab yourself a Crafty because god damn I still to this date can’t get over how good this thing tastes. It’s simple enough to use that a beginner can do it but so damn high in quality in terms of not only vapor production but just the build quality overall that I think that even the pickiest of vapers will be seriously impressed with this powerful little vape.

And for that reason I’m going to have to declare the overall winner the Crafty.

Winner: Crafty


Recommended CRAFTY Supplier: Vape World (100% Authentic + No Fakes + Lowest Price)
Recommended Pax 2 Supplier: Pax Vapor (Official Store + 10 Year Warranty)
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