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Today it’s time to check out a vaporizer that I’ve been pretty excited to get my hands on.

It’s the Crafty portable vaporizer and this bad boy is actually made by the same guys that make both the Volcano Vaporizer and the Plenty Vaporizer… and if you know anything about vapes then you’ll probably know that they are both two of the most badass vapes on the market.

And to this date I still haven’t found another vape which I think is so well built and capable of producing such insanely high vapour quality. In my review of the Plenty I gave it a nine out of ten and for the Volcano I gave it a ten out ten making it the ONLY vaporizer to date that I’ve given a perfect rating too.

However whilst awesome both of these devices aren’t very portable and are designed to be used more as an ‘at home vaporizer’.

But now the guys at Storz and Bickel have come out with a new portable vaporizer offering which promises to give you the same high quality vapour production that you get with the Volcano and the Plenty but with the added freedom of being able to vape it anywhere and at any time.

But does it live up to the legendary status of it’s older brothers? Well today I’ll be taking a look in my Crafty vaporizer review!

First Impressions…

The box and packaging are branded with the same infamous black and orange colors that you’ll find on all Storz and Bickel products and when we open it up we can see we’ve got the main unit itself:

Herbal Portable Vape

The device is made out of plastic but it actually feels extremely well put together. It’s also crazy light too weighing in at around 135 grams making it one of the lightest portable vaporizers that’s currently on the market. The size of this thing makes it extremely easy to fit this into your pocket or any small compartment.

I also really like the shape of the vape too. It just seems to fit perfectly inside of your hands and has a really great grip to it.

Included with the Crafty is also a set of pamphlets and instruction booklets in every language under the sun – and in true Storz and Bickel fashion these are high quality, well done isntructions complete with diagrams and no broken English or anything like that. Plus there’s also a nice quick start guide here for those that don’t have time (or are just too lazy) to read the whole instruction manual.

On top of this we’ve also got ourself a herb grinder for preparing your herbs when you are on the go, a tool for ‘packing’ your Crafty’s herb chamber as well as a wall charger which also converts into a USB charger, a cleaning brush and a few other random spare bits and pieces.

Storz And Bickel Crafty Vaporizer

Vape Quality = WOW.

I wasn’t really sure how comparable the taste of the Crafty vape would be to the Volcano and the Plenty considering that this is a portable… but holy shit did I have nothing to worry about.

Because right from the very first go you just get this incredibly, incredibly smooth and clean taste without the having to do a bunch of tinkering and fiddling around to get it right. It just works perfectly right out of the box and requires very little technique or anything like that.

In fact the very first hit that I took from the Crafty vape I found myself experiencing the exact same sort of ‘wow’ moment that I did the first time that I tried the Crafty or the Volcano. The quality and taste is just that good.

Outdoor Vaping

And I’d say that the taste of this device really does come close to matching that of it’s older brothers the Volcano and the Plenty.

The vape clouds are massive, the herbs taste extremely natural and clean and much like it’s desktop counterparts what’s impressive is that you just seem to never get a hit that’s burnt or rough or yukky.

Using a crafty for the first time or any Storz and bickel product for that matter is kind of like going from ‘instant coffee’ to ‘proper coffee made from freshly ground coffee beans’.

Sure instant coffee is satisfying and does the job and gets you to where you need to be but once you start to drink the freshly grounded up stuff… well it’s a little bit hard to go back.

Talk About Attention To Detail…

The vape quality is not the only area in which the Crafty shines through.

Because also like it’s older brother the Volcano and the Plenty you can just tell that there has been a hell of a lot of time and effort that has been put into the actual design of this device and into making sure that everything has been well thought through.

For a start. This thing is designed to make it basically impossible to waste your herbs or better life in a number of ways. It’s got a special ‘herb packing’ tool so that you wont lose any herb whilst packing your device. When the device isn’t in use for over a minute the device will automatically turn itself off so that you don’t waste any of your herbs. Plus when the device has finished heating up it even leats of a sharp vibration so that you don’t space out and forget about what you were doing only to waste both battery AND herb.

And all of these things combined make the Crafty what is easily one of the most herb efficient AND battery efficient vaporizers on the market.

Crafty Vape

I also love that it can also be charged AND vaped from at the same time (though I have found that when your battery is really low you will have to wait a little while before you can start to use it again).

And although I’m more of a herb man myself this device even works with oils and concentrates too.

And it’s this kind of meticulous attention to detail that have made Storz and Bickel one of the biggest – if not the biggest name in vaping because in terms of both both vape quality and build quality these guys just cannot be beaten.

And plus like all Storz and Bickel products the Crafty just feels extremely durable and tough. And I think that’s one of the big reasons that people – or at least I am – so willing to spend a bit more to get a Storz and Bickel product like the Crafty.

Because although there are a lot of cheaper devices on the market – many of them do feel and seem to be a lot less durable in the long run. But when it comes to the Crafty or other Storz and Bickel products you just cannot beat the build quality.

These are the kinds of devices that might cost you a bit more up front but that probably work out to be cheaper in the long run simply because they are so well built and designed to last for years and years and years if not for life.

The Crafty Vaporizer App

There’s also one other interesting feature that the Crafty comes with that I haven’t mentioned yet and that’s that the Crafty is the world’s first vaporizer (well that I know of at least) that comes with it’s own phone app.

Crafty Vaporizer Review

And whilst at first I thought ‘pffft why does a vaporizer need a phone app’… after messing around with the app for a bit I’ve actually come to see it as kind of clever.

The app is free to download and install and works on iPhones and most modern Android phones and connects to the crafty via Bluetooth. It’s super easy to use and all that you have to do is download the app, install it and then it will ask you for your Crafty serial number which can be found on the bottom of your device and once you enter it it will connect to your device.

And then through this app we can do all sorts of things like changing and adjusting our default vaping temperature as well as adjusting the temperature for our ‘boost’ mode (which can be activated by pressing the button on your crafty down twice when on). Plus we can also set a bunch of other variables including things like turning the vibration on and off, changing the LED light brightness and we can even see how long we’ve been using the vape to date which can be fun or scary depending on which way you choose to look at it.

And basically what this app does is give you all of the functionality of a Volcano Vaporizer with it’s LCD screen and it’s temperature controls but without the need to put all of these buttons and screens and stuff onto the vape itself allowing them to keep the Crafty as small and as lightweight as possible keeping it down to just one button and a crazy small size.

Crafty Vaporizer App

The Downsides?

The only real downsides that I can see with the Crafty are:

  • The battery life isn’t the longest at just 45 minutes of vaping time. However I feel like the ‘auto shut off’ feature does a good job to counteract this and ensures that those 45 minutes stretch as far as possible.
  • It is pricey. At a little over $300 the Storz and Bickel Crafty vaporizer is definitely not the cheapest portable on the market… but again I really do feel like this is a case of you ‘get what you pay for’.
  • The only other downside I can see is that if you don’t have a modern smart phone then you may be a bit disappointed with the Crafty because you basically wont have a way to change the temperature on it and use all of it’s extra features. I’d guess though that if you can afford a crafty then you’ve probably got a modern smart phone of some kind.

But these things aside – this really is a near perfect portable for me and so many of the areas in which other portables I’ve just wished were a bit better… the Crafty absolutely nails.

The Verdict: Damn Near Perfection

All in all – no kidding – I seriously think I have found my new favorite portable vaporizer.

I feel like the vapor quality from the Crafty vape is so high that it will impress even the most seasoned and veteran of vapers but that the device is still so simple and intuitive to use that it’s also kind of perfect for beginner vapers too. In fact I can’t really think of any type of vaporizer that wouldn’t enjoy the crafty except for perhaps someone whose only criteria is a ‘super long battery life’.

And for all these reasons I’m going to end my Crafty vaporizer review by giving it the second highest vape score that I’ve given to any vaporizer to date (second only to the Volcano)…

I’m giving the Crafty a 9.5/10… this thing is badass! Today it’s time to check out a vaporizer that I’ve been pretty excited to get my hands on. It’s the Crafty portable vaporizer and this bad boy is actually made by the same guys that make both the Volcano Vaporizer and the Plenty Vaporizer... and if you know anything about vapes then you’ll probably know that they are both two of the most badass vapes on the market. And to this date I still haven’t found another vape which I think is so well built and capable of producing such insanely high vapour quality. In my review of the…

CRAFTY Summary...

Overall Score - 9.5



It's definitely not the cheapest but damn is it a pleasure to vape from this thing. In terms of portability, function and vapor quality it doesn't get much better than the CRAFTY.

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